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LG KU 3700 Optimus One – Android Based Phone


Let me introduce Lg's new giant mobile phone Lg KU 3700 Optimus One! It came out September 2010 in South Korea and probably you will see this phone your country in these days. LG KU 3700 is Google Android based mobile phone. LG work with Google to provide all Android features.

LG KU3700 Optimus One

Some features of KU3700 Optimus One are Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, a 3.2 inch HVGA display,3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.2M Pautofocus camera, accelerometer and 600MHz processor.

If you like Android or want to meet with Android this phone will be good choice for you. It is all touchscreen except search, menu, back, info and power buttons. KU3700 has sensitive touchscreen. You don't need to hard yourself to start an application or something.KU 3700 is light. You don't feel uncomfortable when you are carrying this phone. Additionally, this phone has powerful speaker. You surely hear the ring when your phone ringing. Beside, hands free feature is also useful. The person you talking can hear you when you are using hands-free mode.

KU 3700 Optimus One

Let's start to talk with bad side of LG 3700. It's color depth and resolution is not good as touchscreen. You can count pixels on the screen! That's weird. So you can't feel the emotion of a picture or a movie. Further it is sometimes getting slower when you pass between menus or sliding main screen. I don't know. May be phone doesn't have powerful processor or may be this is just Android's problem.

KU 3700 Optimus One

So, that was the my first impression of LG KU 3700 Optimus One mobile phone! It is a good phone to buy and taste Android experince. But also it has price about $540. If you want to buy it, you'll probablly like it. :)

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  1. my lg 3700 phone is blocked,how do i unblock it for me to access it.

    • Hello,

      What is the reason blocked your phone? If you bought it from an another country, so you cannot use it it in an another country. You have to be registered your phone to use it where you live right now. Another suggestion is you can root your Android phone like iPhone’s Jailbreak. I haven’t done this. So I cannot explain how to do it. Just Google it. -_-

  2. hi

    were i can find the file manager…?

  3. Im from the Philippines. My aunt would like to give me LG Optimus One from Korea. Would it still be useful?

    • Hi. There are two type of cell phone in Korea. One of them has sim card slot and the other one has not. So be aware of the slotless one. And you can use the other one has a slot without any problem. However you may need to register the phone to use in your country.

  4. Help my lg ku3700 s android market is not responding. even after reset. It says (android.market.org) is not responding please try again. i cant still acess it. pls help

    • Yes, It is an expected situation. Google Market app is changed with Google Play. So look for an called Google Play in your applications list. And also delete the old Google Market link which probably stays on your home screen.

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